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Introduce friends without revealing your identity


Privately chat with your connections


View profiles, comment and like on connections


Get invited to meet other top connectors

How it works


Choose Two Friends

To introduce and connect


Select Your Message

To send to your two friends


Send Public or Private

Stay private as a 'mutual friend' or go public with your name



Bridgit will notify your two friends via text

Let's make our first connection!

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I received a text message. Who sent it?

One of your friends that has your number used Bridgit to connect you and one of their friends. If the message doesn't state your friend's name, it means that your friend has decided to keep their identity private.

What is the Bridgit Party?

Bridgit will be hosting an invite only party in various cities for our top connectors and influencers.

I want to connect my friends. Will they know that I made the connection?

It's up to you. You have the option of revealing your name to your friends that you want to connect or you can stay private as the connector and will be only known as a 'mutual friend'.

How do I get an invite to the Bridgit Party?

Invites are sent out by Bridgit based on your profile's Connector Count.

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